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The most powerful social media influencer search engine available. Personifind searches an index of over 150 million of the most influential social media users to find the people most important to your business.


Don’t get buried by social and digital data. Get to the information that matters to you and your communications efforts. We distill data from social, digital, search and internal sources to give your organization a clear and complete picture.


Big data experts tools for social media experts
What do you need to know from the online chatter?

DistilleryLab was created out of a need to automate known business needs. We grew organically by streamlining cumbersome business processes and eliminating the need to manually compile and synthesize data from multiple tools.

It takes communications pros and businesses too long to aggregate and analyze data from all of the different toolsets they need to track impact and effectiveness.

DistilleryLab creates automated processes and tools that do that work for you. We provide data and analysis that you can immediately act on.

  • Communications

    Experience and understanding of communication objectives and needs

  • Big data

    Ability to get the information needed to give amazing insights

  • Visualization

    Giving our users a clear understanding of the data

  • strategic thinking

    Ensuring actionable intelligence and a clear path


Social Media and Big Data Experience
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Christian Olsen

Christian has started and led two social/digital teams. He has 15 years of experience in communications, marketing, PR, public affairs and advocacy. Christian has experience in agency environments as well as working with social and digital media professionals from Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits, trade and industry organizations and government.
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Chris Seline

Chris is the founder of 2 funded search engine startups, and has over 15 years of search and big data experience. Chris specializes in creating efficient, powerful and scalable search engines, data collection and analysis systems. He has worked on projects of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups.


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